Axie Infinity
Being the pioneering game in the Play to Earn ecosystem, Axie Infinity has seen an exponential growth of players across the world. To play the game, each player starts of by purchasing 3 cute Axies from the marketplace to battle other players. Each battle won provides the player with $SLP tokens which can be used for breeding or traded on the open market. The stronger the team, the more battles won, the higher amount of tokens the player would win. Through this, Axie Infinity has started a phenomenon where investors can rent out teams to players and share in the profits.

PathDAO x Axie Infinity

1. Scholarships

PathDAO is building up a massive gamer cohort within the Axie Ecosystem through the scholarship programs.
By reinvesting SLP earned, this initiative is expected to yield ~85% APY for PathDAO treasury and bring our total scholar count to 10,000 in 12 months. We are well aware that the price of SLP (in-game currency of Axie Infinity) fluctuates. To mitigate the risk, we conduct strict interview process to pick the best gamers, provide structured training and design proper incentive systems to optimise our scholars’ earning capability. On top of that, we are also actively looking to provide scholarships in other gaming ecosystem beyond Axie Infinity.

2. Breeding

Another fun aspect of Axie Infinity is about breeding the best teams in the game. By deploying the right breeding strategies and staying abreast of the meta, breeding can be a profitable venture. Our breeding strategies are informed by our top players and also veteran Axie advisors who consistently top the leaderboards.