Fancy Birds
As the flagship game of the Fancy Games platform, Fancy Birds builds on the addictive gameplay of the hit 2013 app Flappy Bird with a fully-featured, NFT-integrated Web 3.0 design. Experience the hypnotic side-scrolling gameplay as you fly past obstacles to claim your spot as the fanciest bird in the sky!
At launch, the game will feature breeding, daily and weekly quests, daily tournaments, and seasonal and tournament leaderboards — all working together to create a friendly, competitive atmosphere around the Fancy Birds community. Free-to-play gamers will also be able to enjoy the fast-paced gameplay loop; with options to buy into the ecosystem and obtain a Fancy Bird NFT, or rent one via Scholarship down the line to begin earning $FNC tokens.
At the core of the Fancy Games experience are Fancy Bird NFTs — which are already available to buy and sell on Opensea. These funky little avians are randomly generated with over 500 distinct traits and permutations, ensuring that you will have your very own unique Fancy Bird as you explore the games on the Fancy Games platform. All 8,888 Fancy Bird NFTs each have a rarity ranging from standard all the way to legendary, and may also experience mutations. Players will need to own or rent a Fancy Bird NFT to earn $FNC tokens through completing gameplay quests. Owners of Genesis Bird NFTs will also be given the opportunity to breed their NFTs in a number of breeding Seasons — each season will have a capped number of possible Baby Bird NFTs generated, with a certain proportion of rarities and mutations found throughout the Season’s generated NFTs.
Players will be able to earn tokens through various in-game reward mechanics. Every Fancy Bird NFT a player owns will provide 3 Daily Challenges providing 3 $FNC each upon successful completion, Each bird will further provide 2 weekly challenges — Mutant NFTs will earn even more per challenge, making them highly desirable for players seeking to maximise income. Players will also be able to earn tokens from daily check-ins, through in-game airdrops, or by winning Tournaments with prize pools of up to 1000 $USDC and 5000 $FNC! Once obtained, players will also have the option to stake their $FNC into the ‘Birdnest’, the Staking pool for the entire Fancy Games ecosystem.
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