Thetan Arena
The PathDAO team is proud to announce a huge scholarship program in collaboration with Thetan Arena, the hugely popular F2P Esport game powered by blockchain technology where players can team up with friends, battle with competitors and rivals, and collect NFTs & earn real cash through gameplay. With almost 290k members on their Discord server, and over 21 million total players, Thetan Arena has a massive and engaged fanbase that we are proud to be joining with our scholarship program.
“Thetan Arena is a great example of how a fun game with sustainable tokenomics can bring millions to web3. PathDAO community is super excited to scale our player base in their ecosystem,” — Wee Kee Tiew, co-founder and COO/CFO of PathDAO

Enter the Arena

Thetan Arena is a Play-to-Earn MOBA-style game with frenzied, frantic gameplay incorporating elements of top-down shooters; designed with a focus on Esports participation, streaming, and tournaments. Take control of one of a massive roster of unique and exciting heroes; each with their own distinct skills, appearances, and playstyles; in the fast-paced, colorful, action-packed arena combat gameplay of Thetan Arena.
There are a variety of gameplay modes available in which to earn rewards, drawing inspiration from and catering to varying gameplay styles and genres. In Battle Royale, players will jump into matches of up to 42 players alone or in pairs, fighting in a massive but shrinking arena in the hopes of becoming the last man standing. Destroy supply caches to gain bonuses and upgrades to gain the upper hand and defeat all the competition! More competitive players might instead enjoy Team Deathmatch: a 4v4 classic team experience where cooperation and coordination with teammates can mean the difference between victory and humiliating defeat. Super Star will be familiar to veterans of classic shooters with CTF modes — players battle one another whilst trying to steal a Super Star from the enemy base to return home and score points. Last but certainly not least, Tower Destroy is inspired by classic MOBA gameplay: rush through a series of lanes defended by powerful static towers, defeating enemy creeps and heroes as you try and push through and destroy the enemy base to achieve victory.

Heroes for Hire

The various heroes players can battle within Thetan Arena are each represented by NFTs which players can buy, sell, and rent out to other players for profit. Hero NFTs possess many different attributes and aspects which differentiate them from one another: from stats such as health, damage, and attack & movement speed; hero & skin rarity; class — whether the tough and sturdy tank, the powerful marksman, or the stealthy assassin; and P2E modifiers like win bonuses — just to name a few! While all players start with a basic F2P hero, these heroes will restrict players’ ability to earn tokens at an accelerated rate, or participate in special events. These basic heroes also cannot be upgraded into Thetan Heroes. However, it is entirely possible to earn enough in-game currency with these F2P heroes to secure an NFT Hero, at which point the gameplay rewards really begin to roll in.
There are two tokens in Thetan Arena, Thetan Coin ($THC) and Thetan Gem ($THG). $THC is a utility coin with an unlimited circulation volume earned through regular gameplay by participating in battles, completing quests, and ranking up through the leaderboards. It can be used to trade with other players or to purchase Thetan Boxes — which are random lootboxes containing Hero NFTs that introduce new Heroes into the Thetan Arena marketplace. $THC will also be issued to community members and influences like streamers as an incentive and bonus for helping to increase the popularity and media footprint of Thetan Arena.
$THG is the native digital cryptographically-secure fungible token of Thetan Arena with a total capped supply of 420 million. Players will be able to earn $THG through special events organized by the devs, participation in tournaments, and trading NFTs to other players in the marketplace. Besides being used as a governance and utility token and for staking, $THG will also be used for the critical gameplay feature of upgrading heroes to become Thetan Heroes — stronger and more powerful versions of the standard Hero NFTs.
“We’re excited to welcome PathDAO — one of the promising partners in our metaverse. Thetan Arena is not just an e-sport game but a platform game that connects crypto owners with gamers and creators, therefore we completely believe that the community of PathDAO will help us bring Thetan Arena out to exceeding players. It is not only the growth of the NFT gaming industry but also a vision to together create a sustainable ecosystem. This is the common mission that we are looking for.” — Hannie Tran, Business Development Manager of Thetan Arena.
We are really excited to see the consistent progress and ambitious roadmap planned for Thetan Arena. Wolffun Game is committed to keeping their massive player base engaged and excited about the game they are building, recently launching their first seasonal event for the Lunar New Year. PathDAO is excited to be able to jump into the world Wolffun Game has built by recruiting 1,500 new scholars for Thetan Arena — a massive boost to our ongoing scholarship program’s base. This perfectly synergies with PathDAO’s ambition to develop and nurture a world-class superguild with talented players in many major GameFi and P2E ecosystems. We look forward to the continued development, updates, and surprises in store from the team at Wolffun Game; and can’t wait to share more news about Thetan Arena with our partners and followers in the future.
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