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An executive summary on us

Founded in Dec 2021, PathDAO is the premier gaming venture studio in SEA targeting the problems and experiences in gaming and entertainment. We believe gaming today can be so much more than just 'fun' and that the ~$200bn dollar gaming industry can be a trillion dollars and more as our upcoming generations lean into gaming as a lifestyle and potential career.

We are both strategic investors and builders, having invested >30 companies solving problems along gaming infrastructure, tooling, web3 experience enablers; and are standing up our flagship platform PathPlay to house millions of gaming communities.

Born out of a DAO, we remain community centric in harnessing collective intelligence, manpower, and feedback in realizing our vision. PathLabs serves as the sandbox where people, ideas, and funding come together to build complementary products that is valuable to the core platform and communities of PathPlay.

Why gaming, and why now?

There has been a gradual but sure shift of gamers over to web3 games - these are games you and I know but with tokenization, deepened game economy, and intricate multiplayer experience. Consequently, game developers of all sizes - AAA to indies - have begun their foray in creating what will be the future of games.

Our vision at PathDAO aims to leverage the crossover of gamers and communities into web3 using blockchain gaming as a gateway. Tapping into the massive whitespace of Web2 gamers and the rapidly-growing gaming industry — especially in our home market of South East Asia — we foresee a wealth of opportunities to create innovative value adds for both gamers and players in the blockchain space alike. Capitalising on these opportunities will be critical to fulfilling our treasury value growth mandate.

What's the plan?

2023 Strategy

How can I help?

Read out 2023 Strategy, support us in the following ways:

  1. Participate in our #dao-forum discussion on Discord - bring ideas & feedback

  2. Stay tuned to our Twitter for ecosystem updates

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