Security & Audit

Security is very important to us in order to maintain a strong and successful project. Thus we will ensure that our contracts are properly vetted as well as make sure that higher privileged functions will always be only going through a multisig wallet.

Multi-Sig Wallets

Our Multi-sig wallets are as follows:
  • Path Treasury - 0x37672dDa85f3cB8dA4098bAAc5D84E00960Cb081
  • Path Launch - 0x96ff39b9cCE8aE3a7e8d4E0E562cA53E70cF9A59
All actions conducted will require 2 out of 3 approval from the following wallets
  • Ethermage - 0x42cb064507265F46C565D77fA72aAe2B73a9546e
  • Everythingempty - 0xd044529d0e5A85d68f638c72AF68Ee79f56D5be0
  • Doodley - 0xbd064f180cA35ADDc79eE2aD4Cd76a713265dE65


In the interest of transparency, we would like to highlight that all our contracts are only owned by the multi-sig wallets and any higher level functions will be executed by the multi-sig wallets. That being said, it is also important for our community to know about our key function in our token contract:
Token Minting function - Minitng of tokens is still available to the owner until the hard cap of 1 billion tokens is reached. This is set in the contract and the supply will never exceed this amount.


In collaboration with Certik, we are proud to share the following audit report.
In summary, 7 total issues (0 Critical, 5 Major, 2 Minor) were found in our 4 contracts
We will highlight the major issues found in the contract and our mitigation efforts:
  • Staking Contract - 1 Major issue with a function (resolved by removing the function)
  • Token Claim Contracts - 2 Major issue with higher privileged functions (resolved by using only multi-sig wallets to execute these functions)
  • Token Contract - 2 Issues with token distribution
    • Higher privileged function i.e. minting of tokens only allowed to owner (resolved by using only multi-sig wallets to execute this function)
    • Initial Token Distribution (resolved by having clear information and transparency on token distribution and release schedule)
Certik Audit on PathDAO.pdf