DAO Constitution

Governing rules of PathDAO & treasury

Fund utilisation mandate​:

- 80% of fund to be invested into blockchain gaming protocols and assets (tokens, NFTs) in private rounds and secondary markets​
- 15% of fund to be utilised to grow gamer and investor community through marketing, events, and rewards​
- 5% of fund to be utilised for operational expenses of the execution team​

Operational mandate​:

- Execution team has full mandate to deploy treasury at any amount with the objective of growing the treasury.
- Treasury is stored in multisig accounts (Gnosis or Fireblocks), or deployed into yield farming protocols governed by multisigs. Exception is granted to NFT assets required for gamer operations where multisig and cold wallets create too much operational complexity. ​
- Execution team is given mandate to develop an ecosystem of infrastructures with the objective of creative the most sticky web3 gamer experience, with the final objective of increasing treasury value. Team can utilise operating budget and marketing budget in respect to this growth and development. ​
- Execution team is given mandate to deploy Community $PATH tokens for the benefit of growing the ecosystem and community, as long as it follows the governing emission schedule​
- Changes to tokenomics that can affect $PATH and $PATH holders require governance voting (e.g. reward pools, emissions schedule)​


- $PATH tokens have an equal weight of voting​
- All allocated $PATH tokens are counted in governance regardless of it being vested or locked​ ​

Passed Proposals ​: