$PATH token utility


Ownership of $PATH tokens give the holders a voice in directing the future of PathDAO. At the initial stages, the founding team with the help of advisors will help steer the DAO, but as more tokens are released to the community and public, the steering becomes more and more decentralized.
The PathDAO governance forum will be a place where $PATH holders can share their opinion and broadcast proposals to shape the direction of the DAO. Each token holder can then vote to accept or reject the proposals, where the volume of $PATH tokens held is the weight of each voter. With the aim to ensure the alignment of interest of our gaming community, contributors and supporters, we are ensuring a widespread distribution of $PATH tokens through community events airdrops, gaming competitions and more.
An example of a proposal, could be voting for an additional member to be on the council, or on implementation of a new project.
More information on the logistics of the DAO governance will be released soon.

Currency for Gaming Communities

Gaming communities consists of one to one, one to many, many to many relationships that often times include economic transactions. Think a gamer pays another gamer for boosting my rank, or perhaps a fan donating to a streamer. The list goes on and on. PathPlay aims to house millions of these gaming communities and embed $PATH as the ecosystem currency that enables these economic transactions. The digital token will be used across all interaction facets of PathPlay, from purchasing goods from content creators to tipping amazing content. As communities and users grow on PathPlay, so will the value of $PATH.