2023 Strategy

Version 2 of our community serving ecosystem - anchored by PathPlay, innovated by PathLabs, and economically powered by $PATH
PathLabs incubates complementary products that attachs to the core platform PathPlay
With origins as a gaming guild, PathDAO quickly evolved into a gaming venture studio, strategically investing while growing our in-house suite of products to build value for gamers in the web3 space. Our north star has always been constant — we believe gaming can be so much more than just entertainment. It can be a lifestyle. It can be a livelihood.
By combining the lessons we’ve learnt in 2022 with our north star, we have now sharpened our strategy and focus to take on 2023:

1. We aim to build a platform that will house a million gamer communities, with $PATH as the economic engine

This journey has already started through our PathPlay platform. Currently, PathPlay has over 1,500 weekly active users across over 15 communities, mainly targeted towards content creators, cosplayers and gamers. Platform is still in a very early beta stage, where we are bringing in different feature sets to our early users to understand how best we can onboard and serve gaming communities better.

Key development stages include:

1. Community platform [In Progress]
A home for more engaged gaming communities
An engaged community is a healthy community. We want our platform to energise content creators and followers alike, incentivising natural behaviours and driving the development of an organic community that adds value to all members.
Experimentation and integration of killer features that onboard and retain valuable gamer communities from the web2 space
Traditional gamer communities in web2 are already well-established. Breaking boundaries will require much experimentation and integration of killer features to attract gamers and individuals set in their ways. We will target the onboarding and retaining the hard side of the network, which is typically made up of key opinion leaders and influencers, by giving them plenty of reasons to migrate.
2. Integration of $PATH [In Progress]
$PATH as the digital currency that powers the platform
A token without utility has no purpose. As we build communities and pseudo nations on PathPlay, we believe a currency is needed to commodify the various offerings within this ecosystem.
Purchases, tipping and rewards are built around $PATH
Not only will this give $PATH utility, the mass migration from web2 that we foresee will in turn help to drive demand for our token, which should result in an increase in value. As the digital nations housed on PathPlay continue to grow, the increase in utility will create a win-win situation for both content creators and followers.
3. Decentralised identity and platform [Exploring]
Freedom of movement for social identity
We believe in putting our users first. Be it content creators or followers, freedom of movement between social identity is paramount. While we are moving towards applications built on PathPlay as a base, we also believe there should be varying levels of data permissions between them to facilitate this freedom of movement for users.
Open platform architecture to allow for developers to have freedom to build applications on the network
Restrictions only serve to curb creativity. We want to ensure that developers using our network have free reign over the applications they want to build. The open platform architecture will allow developers to build what they want, how they want. We hope this will give rise to truly groundbreaking applications that add value to the wider web3 ecosystem.

2. Path Labs will incubate and support projects that aim to provide value to communities growing on the PathPlay platform.

These projects should be thought of as applications and features that will plug and play seamlessly into the PathPlay platform and gamer identity layer.
1. Innovation Lab and Grants [Exploring]
Calling all builders, developers and artists. We have seen immense talent within the DAO, who want to leverage their skills and passion to create accretive value for gaming communities on PathPlay. Path Labs aims to empower creative members through a grants program.
2. NFT Buy Now, Pay Later [In progress]
We aim to make gaming NFTs more accessible to gamers through short term credit. This targets people who want to own gaming NFTs but don’t have sufficient dry powder to take the plunge. NFTs are collateralised with Double Protocol’s ERC-4907 standard to reduce risk.
3. Creator Financing [Exploring]
We believe content creators are the heart of a lot of gaming communities and we want to help creators tide across cash crunches in the ever volatile world of content creation. From credit cards to invoice financing, providing financial access to content creators will help creators grow their fanbase, growing PathPlay’s communities in tandem.
4. AI NFTs [Exploring]
The first step in onboarding web2 gaming content creators is by helping them create and sell digital goods and NFTs. The second step is to bring in the massive hype and value of AI into their collections, intensifying and personalising the relationship between creators and their fans.
5. Interactive Brand [In progress]
Team Path aims to create a cultural movement bridging the gap between gaming and lifestyle. This brand will integrate both cutting edge technology and community utility into style.

Ending thoughts

PathDAO is proud to have you as part of our amazing community. In this challenging journey towards realising our vision and goals for 2023, we are fortunate to have the right resources, tools, and most importantly — your unwavering support and contributions.
We strongly encourage all of you to learn more about our 2023 strategy and watch out for upcoming announcements. Feel free to drop by our Discord server and Telegram anytime if you have questions and suggestions. If you think you can make a positive contribution to PathDAO’s vision, don’t hesitate to reach out. 2023 is going to be an exciting year for us and we look forward to building our community together!