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Experienced leadership cadre with problem solving foundations
Team Photo of PathDAO
PathDAO comprises of individuals who are highly passionate around the innovations of the blockchain - especially on toward gaming. Our composition hails expertise from backgrounds in Management Consulting, Traditional Finance, Tech Startups, and Asset Management.
Led by seasoned founders, they have been actively involved in the crypto scene, from the early days of mining Ethereum at $7 to the ICO boom, riding through crypto winter into the wider crypto adoption today. Anchoring on our mission to house millions of gamer communities - our team is structured across 5 value driving areas.
Management, Venture Studio (PathLabs), Investments, Growth, Gamer Community

Co-Founders & Management

Co-founder & CEO - Jansen Teng / EtherMage - CyberKongz #225
Mined his first Ethereum on Apr 2016, blockchain advocate ever since. Gamer at heart, active member of the Wall Street Cyberkongz community, and an early adopter of Axie Infinity. Background as an ex-BCG management consultant and serial entrepreneur in the deep tech industry, he brings world-class standards in project executions and strategic insights. Founded a Malaysian P2E guild with ~50 scholars prior.
Co-founder & COO & CFO -Wee Kee / everythingempty - Punk #9841
BTC / ETH since 2016. Opportunity valuations and due diligence skill from his time in private equity. Former BCG management consultant, growth manager in tech and founder of tech marketplaces, equipped with growth and operation excellence to grow the web3 gaming community in Southeast Asia and beyond.
Co-founder & CTO - Wei Xiong / Doodley
Comp Sci Masters from Imperial College London, developer and data engineer for regional tech giant. Blockchain, AI, tech architecture enthusiasts by day, generative artist by night. Led the end-to-end solidity development and on-chain delivery of a novel co-generative NFT art that allows users to craft their artpiece with sentences.
Chief of Staff - Charanrao
Mined his first BTC on July 2017. Crypto enthusiast and Web3 Blockchain advocate. He is a member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) & Certified Financial Planner (CFP). He has experience in finance, marketing & logistics working with Fortune 500. Hardcore gamer for Apex Legends & Maplestory.

Venture Studio (PathLabs)

PathPlay Product VP - Matthew Tang
Master’s in Engineering from the University of Cambridge, with a background in management consulting. Experience in private equity/principal investors projects evaluating companies and investment opportunities, and in large scale transformation projects driving operational excellence. Enjoys FIFA and Minecraft, and can lately be found dying in Elden Ring.
PathPlay Product VP - Brianna Chang BSc Mathematics from Imperial College London. Stepped foot on crypto with play-to-earn games back in 2019 early wave and never stopped ever since. Enjoy building products, strong business analytics and UX sense. Versed experience in software engineering development, data analytics development and management, cloud devops and architecture design (AWS Cloud Certified), project management (Scrum certified) and of course, UI/UX design and development. Lifetime foodie and passport stamp collectors.
PathPlay Tech Lead - Kah Wai
Passionate developer, self learned programming at young age and earned first class honours degree in CS from Staffordshire University (UK). Worked on projects from various industries, including gaming, digital marketing, supply chain planning and optimization, logistics, oil & gas, e-Commerce, IOT, algorithm trading, education, and now fully on cryptocurrency mining, blockchain and web3.
PathPlay Venture Builder - Hardeep
Former market research and Big 4 analyst turned full time degenerate in 2021, averaging an approximate 10x returns on investment from crypto trading, NFT’s and Shitcoins. A diehard souls fan, “Git gud” or die trying until the former is true. Can also be found grinding Apex & Rocket League on the weekends.
PathPlay Venture Builder - Cheryl Soo
Resident cheerleader who brings cool vibe to the Path tribe. A gamer at heart since trying to catch them all on her first Gameboy Color, she was initially sucked into web3 gaming during the Axie Infinity wave. With a background in marketing and PR, complemented by several years' of experience in tech consulting, she builds and strengthens communities in addition to masquerading as the lunch boss. She can often be found casting Tangos in Dota, or searching for a good oat milk latte.
TeamPath Interactive Brand Lead - Julynn Tan
Bachelor's from London School of Economics (LSE) with a passion for gaming and building communities. Background in financial advisory and management consulting, with experience in growth strategy and restructuring
TeamPath E-sports Lead - Megat
Gamer at heart - turned absolute fanatic of anything esports and gaming. Proficient in project management, tournament administration, esports broadcast/design and content marketing with experience gained from working with some of the largest game publishers, tournament organizers and esports teams in the world.
Path Finance Venture Builder - Javier (Yeoh Wei Zhe)
Organised the largest fresh graduates recruitment drive that received over 30,000 job applications through the marketing, roadshows and business case study competition in 6 overseas universities and 18 local universities. An early adopter of blockchain technology back in 2017 and passionate to bring blockchain awareness to the public.
Path Finance Venture Builder - Joel Tan
BCom graduate from University of Queensland, with a passion for building communities, bringing people together and all things Web3. Experience in business development, marketing, as well as content and video production.
Developer - Ian Seow
Self taught programmer with an unhealthy addiction to coffee, and Dota. Stubbornly refused to go to college when he learnt to google like a pro (or so he thought) and has been working as full-stack developer since the age of 18. Worked in multiple start-ups in the e-commerce, e-learning and local government digitalising industries. Now aims to learn and build products for the web3 space.
Developer - Steven Lee
A lifelong degen trader masquerading as a developer holding a Bachelor in Software Engineering (Hons) from UOW Malaysia KDU University College. Been in the blockchain scene since 2019 and has a huge interest in machine learning, blockchain and web development, and martial arts. When he's not coding the next great bit of software, he puts his 1st Degree Dan Black belt in taekwondo to use.
Developer - Chin Jia Xiong
Logical, introvert, passionate about in technology. Always willing to spend time looking at documentations and experimenting to achieve better gaming experiences. Believes that programming is like a strategy game that is on par with the fun of actual games.


Head of Asset Management - Lim Wei Der
Axie breeder turned NFT + Defi trader, 15x crypto portfolio in 6 months. Gamer at heart, with a knack for operations management. Background in Data Science and Management Consulting.
Asset Manager - Joshua Moh Xien Shu
Gamer since the Tetris hand-held console, grew up in a humble family-owned game+watches chain-store. Been min-maxing every mechanism or system I can find since then and ended up with a MEng from Imperial College London while gaming 24/7. Career experience spanning across R&D, product design, marketing, business development and strategy, project management in the AI IoT industry. Enjoy day trading and coding trading bots before becoming an Axie & Pegaxy scholarship founder. Pudge and Rubick Grandmaster.
Asset Manager - Loh Kah Shun
Gamer by the road picked up by PathDAO to be a full-time degen.


Advisor - Chris Johnson
A natural networker with experience working with and advising Fortune 500 companies in marketing, human resources, and team building. Mentored by some of the biggest names in global marketing, he holds degrees from UPenn, the Annenberg School for Communication, and has been involved in the crypto industry since 2014.
Growth & Marketing Lead - Josh Wang Khang Hwui
3 years corporate & business strategy putting together 0 to 1 plays based on the size of the prize and right to win; and executing on 1 to 100 plays for a growing fintech group under the largest telco in Malaysia. Long-time gamer pre-university with love for MMOs and capitalist at heart with a passion for finance. Looking to ride the next narrative & support GameFi development.
Creative Lead - Kwan Seng
Designer by day and heavy gamer by night. Curiosity driven person who loves to explore. Started playing with graphic design at the age of 12 but eventually studied and been in the building industry as an architect for 7 years. Looking to build and bring adoption to the blockchain space. Night owl in valorant and league.
Marketing Executive - Amy L.
A social media manager, content creator & copywriter. With a strong interest in creative writing, social media, and content curation, she has honed her skills through her experience working in different creative fields and companies. Social Media Manager for MonstaxGuild and Battlexie (2021-2022).

Gamer Community

Guild Lead - Geston Yong Thoong
Hardcore OG MMORPG Gamer such as Ragnarok Online and Maplestory. Passionate in building communities that are competitive and enjoys the game. Believing in the play to enjoy has to come first before the earnings. Registered Pharmacist by Profession, has experience in sales, marketing, and management in top 10 global pharmaceutical companies.
Gaming Executive - Claire
Started off as a digital marketing specialist and copywriting for companies for a living, now interested in learning the web3 games and the blockchain space. A degen gamer on most nights grinding rank games with friends on Valorant and Csgo for content to post on twitch and tiktok, also can be found to endlessly grinding for soul games if it's interesting enough.

Investors and Advisors