The Metaverse

The gaming industry has been growing rapidly with many major companies hitting the stock markets at insane revenues and valuations. The blockchain gaming metaverse helps in redistributing earnings back into the participating community (instead of fully captured by the developers), allowing for a virtuous cycle of pay-to-play/own and pay-to-earn.
This symbiotic ecosystem has been proven to work with Axie Infinity’s surge in popularity, changing the lives of many players across the SEA region and globally. More games are now mushrooming with this P2E vision, we are just at the tip of an iceberg.

Introducing PathDAO

PathDAO was birthed with an aim to create two interlacing paths. The first path is for the game creators — developers seeking to grow and retain quality players in their ecosystem. The second path is for the players — gamers and people who have lost income and livelihood during the pandemic looking for a path forward in their bleakest days.
PathDAO is the intersection of these two Paths, building community for both games and players.