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Dear PathDAO community,
Happy New Year! Before anything else, the team at PathDAO would like to thank you for your continuous support since Day 1. As we move into the year 2022, we would like to share an update regarding our vision for PathDAO, and detail some of the plans we have in store for the year ahead.
Our core mandate since our founding has been to proactively cultivate value for holders of our $PATH tokens; primarily by means of increasing our total treasury value. In the time since and after having immersed ourselves in the ever-expanding blockchain gaming and metaverse space, we came to a couple of key realisations:
⦁ Web3 gaming & technology ecosystems have significant advantages over web2 equivalents
⦁ The value of technology is realised only through actual application and usage
⦁ Today’s blockchain technology has high barriers to entry, which limits application and user growth
Taking these findings to heart, in order to create the most value for PathDAO and our token holders, we have crystallised these lessons into our guiding principle & mission:
Bringing millions to web3


Our vision for PathDAO is to leverage the onboarding and conversion of the masses of Web2 users into the Web3 space using blockchain gaming as a gateway. Tapping into the massive whitespace of Web2 gamers and the rapidly-growing gaming industry — especially in our home market of South East Asia — we foresee a wealth of opportunities to create innovative value adds for both gamers and players in the blockchain space alike. Capitalising on these opportunities will be critical to fulfilling our treasury value growth mandate. As such, our gameplan in 2022 will commence a journey in building a hyper-connected, synergistic, and self-enriching ecosystem.
Having already established both our Venture Capital arm and the PathDAO SuperGuild, our team is constantly looking for new and exciting collaborations & outreach to onboard both gamers and game partners into our ecosystem, whilst all the while proactive seeking out key opportunities to generate alpha for our DAO.
The next key step on our journey will be the incubation of our gaming platform. We envision scalability in our platform enabling us to the Steam of Web3, able to connect games with gamers who want to play them. We are eager to solve the typical chicken-and-egg problem faced by budding marketplaces through an influx of gamers from the SuperGuild forming a critical core customer base, and onboarding of game partners from our venture investments and partnerships providing an ever-expanding catalogue of unique, high-quality content. Upon maturation our platform will provide our game partners a strong, dynamic, and automatic user acquisition channel; strengthening PathDAO Ventures’ ability to participate in highly coveted private sale spots for promising upcoming releases. The self-perpetuating effect will also exponentiate the growth of the userbase within our ecosystem.
With a critical mass of user profiles including individualised and granular data on both historical and potential in-game earnings; we will possess unique and previously-uncollected data that typical financial services do not have access to — or are even aware of. This would allow us to effectively provide credit facilities to our gamers in the unbanked community. Aside from the revenue potential of credit facilities and other financial products & services, the provision of these additional value adds will foster growth of and promote loyalty to our ecosystem.
In parallel to this, PathDAO will be curating, processing, and applying insights from our investment analysis work, combined with content from our user community, to build up a digital media arm that will position us as a thought leader in the space and attract contributors to our DAO. This media push will be done in concert with our nurturing of in-house game streamers to help build authentic outreach, brand strength, and influence within gaming spaces.
We have identified five key execution pillars, which are as follows:

Path Ventures

Key activities
  • Invest in early-stage games and consumer-facing metaverse companies
  • Incubate companies by providing capital, advice and support for integration into the Path ecosystem
  • Early-stage investment and incubation are high Expected Value (EV) plays with potential expected returns in excess of 20x. Participation and obtaining investment allocation in the early fundraising rounds of quality projects can be highly competitive. On top of the strengths of capital and network, PathDAO brings communities, distribution channels, and gamers to our gaming ecosystem portfolio
  • Given the competitiveness of the early-stage investing space, Path Ventures constantly requires new avenues to deploy capital. With our extensive exposure to and knowledge of the space, are able to identify novel whitespaces and yet-to-be-addressed pain points
  • It is a natural consequence that PathDAO is able to leverage our experience and capital to incubate promising companies and projects. The synergy and ecosystem benefits that we bring will also drastically improve the success rates of incubated companies
  • Success in incubation will subsequently bring both monetary rewards and synergistic benefits to the Path ecosystem
Current status
  • Since December 2021, we have invested in four early-stage blockchain games, with many more future partnerships in the pipeline
  • Our team has developed a proprietary data-driven evaluation framework to enable a quantitative, systematic, score-based approach to investment decisions
  • We will be launching and announcing our first incubation in January 2022: a gaming platform to onboards millions of gamers to web3. We are excited to be able to reveal more details on this incubatee soon.
Plans ahead
  • Q1 2022: Build and structure a suite of value add services to our portfolio companies; including but not limited to network, community building, legal opinions, tokenomics design, and smart contract auditing
  • Q2 2022: Formation of an incubation and advisory arm to provide game developers with advisory services
  • Q3 2022: Establishment of scouting capability to identify and convert quality games and teams from web2 to web3 through tokenisation-as-a-service

Path SuperGuild

Key activities
  • Build and scale a vibrant community of play-and-earn gamers
  • Grow top-performing esports teams in all major blockchain gaming ecosystems
  • Establish and engage with a growing fandom supporting our esports teams as part of the wider Path community
  • Bring in commercial sponsors as a new revenue stream for the Path SuperGuild
  • Invest and actively manage in-game assets to ensure high ROI (e.g. breeding/asset crafting)
  • We believe strongly that in 2022, blockchain gaming will shift from play-to-earn to a play-and-earn model. The landscape is shifting away from rewarding mindless grinding to incentivising high-level and skillful play
  • Furthermore, we predict that game rewards will inevitably be Pareto-distributed (i.e. most game rewards will go to a small proportion of top-performing players). As such, a focus on acquiring and retaining the best players will be critical to scalable and effective monetisation of this space. SuperGuilds like PathDAO are in a prime position to capitalise on their inherent structural advantages to attract and support this key talent
  • In 2022 as blockchain gaming becomes increasingly mainstream, we will see an influx of gamers that play for passion or recreation, and not solely as a means of income. This passionate player base is highly engaged with their communities and have strong emotional buy-ins to the careers and fortunes of their favourite gaming idols. Onboarding and retaining the millions of these gamers will leverage not only scholarships (rented in-game asset NFTs) but also the pull of interacting with top players in the guild, competitive events, and incentives to nurture community interaction
  • The main revenue streams of Path SuperGuild will be yields from in-game earnings, sponsorship revenue from commercial partners, and tournament prize winnings
  • Additionally, we will actively explore novel and innovative additional revenue streams through in-game mechanics (e.g. crafting or breeding of in-game assets). As is true in any commodity industry, refinement and downstream value-adds usually comprise a significant portion of the economic activity of the blockchain/NFT sector.
Current status
  • We will be rapidly increasing the scholar count from 1,300+ to 5,000 in the early months of 2022
  • We have established a competitive community leaderboard that encourages and incentivises performance in a quest to scout top talent to represent Path
  • The team is currently running breeding farms in Pegaxy and Axie Infinity
Plans ahead
  • Q1 2022: Nurture and train top performing esport teams across major blockchain gaming ecosystems
  • Q2 2022: Roll out local community events led by community members (cybercafé tournaments, livestreaming, get-togethers) to improve player retention & engagement
  • Q3/Q4 2022: Establishment of a business development team to seek out and negotiate commercial sponsorships for the SuperGuild

Path Gaming Platform

Key activities
  • Provide gamers a space to create and maintain a gamer profile (similar to a CV/LinkedIn for gamers)
  • Empower gamers to search, filter, and be recommended blockchain games on the PathDAO platform based on their previous gameplay activity
  • Curate a list blockchain games on the platform for marketing and user acquisition
  • Thousands of blockchain games will launch in 2022. In any crowded, established industry a comparison site/marketplace will experience strong and growing demand proportional to the size of the market. Gamers demand an intuitive tool to explore and find the most suitable games for their play patterns. On the other hand, blockchain games will experience significant user acquisition hurdles given the surge in game supply. A gaming platform will drive the right users to the most individually engaging games in a highly cost-efficient manner
  • With an incredible Total Addressable Market size, a blockchain gaming platform is currently a whitespace with no established players. With the ecosystem support of PathDAO, a platform as incubated by us stands a great chance to emerge as the leading platform with front-of-mind awareness in the coming years. The platform will have its standalone tokenomics, synergising with PathDAO as the incubator and investor as we stand to reap the gains of this explosive growth and strengthen our treasury value accordingly
  • We previously touched upon the extremely competitive environment in obtaining early-stage investment allocation. In addition to capital, Path Venture will have a vastly improved bargaining position if in possession of a strong distribution arm in the form of a combination guild & gaming platform
  • PathDAO has a vision to provide financial services to unbanked members of our community. To accomplish this goal, it will be critical to have earning capability, detailed profiles of our users, and a critical mass in our userbase. Path Gaming Platform enables and synergistically accelerated each of these three enablers of our fintech vision
Current status
  • Having developed a Minimum Viable Product, the gaming platform has garnered strong traction in terms of userbase, games onboarded, and investor attention. We are excited to be able to reveal more details on the Gaming Platform soon.
Plans ahead
  • Q1 2022: Private Alpha release
  • Q2 2022: Full product release (web-app + mobile app), with a target userbase of 200k+ gamer profiles
  • Q3/Q4 2022: NFT marketplace + launchpads integration

Path Fintech

Key activities
  • A universal wallet to allow gamers to swap cross-chain tokens into local currency
  • Provision of microfinancing services to gamers with a track record of earnings
  • Stablecoin savings protocol services
  • Insurance coverage and investment options
  • A significant of scholars — in particular young gamers in the developing world — are unbanked or otherwise have limited effective access to financial service providers. By leveraging on a gamer profile with a track record of earnings and asset growth, Path Fintech will be able to use this real-time unique data to establish alternatives to traditional credit scores and provide our users with micro-financing and other alternative financial solutions
  • Gamers who play blockchain games across different L1s will face friction swapping earnings into their local currency for real-world usage. A universal wallet that enables cross-chain swap alongside on- and off-ramp services via local partnerships will prove useful if not critical for Play-and-Earn models to be viable in the anticipated manner
Current status
  • A web-app MVP Path Fintech model is currently being designed and built; with an initial target market of a closed group of scholars within Path SuperGuild
  • Our partnership with Ajaib, a fintech unicorn in Indonesia, will be of critical help in navigating operational and regulatory complexities in the local landscape
Plans ahead
  • Q1 2022: Web-app MVP with micro-financing services private alpha release
  • Q2 2022: Universal wallet + local partnership for on-/off-ramp
  • Q3/Q4 2022: Launch of a standalone Path Fintech arm with a suite of financial services (e.g. lending, saving, investment, insurance)

Path Media

Key activities
  • Produce and curate content to guide the transition of and onboard traditional gamers to the world of blockchain games
  • Create analytical reports and curate industry insights in dynamic multimedia formats (e.g. newsletters, videos, articles)
  • Nurture a community and foster discussion in forums and other interaction channels (e.g. Discord)
  • Develop a platform for Path gamers to generate and upload gaming content (e.g. streaming, videos)
  • Quality content is the most effective way to acquire and retain actively participating community members given its scalability, low cost, and potential for viral exposure
  • With our mission of bringing millions to the blockchain, an easy-to-use and accessible information portal will be essential to creating a positive user experience
  • Through actively sharing industry insights on our platforms, Path hopes to establish ourselves as a thought leader in the space, attracting in-bound interest and improving our deal velocity
Current status
  • We are currently in the process of assembling the right team to drive this critical initiative, as well as identifying contributors to onboard
Plans ahead
  • Q1 2022: Produce guidance content and establish the appropriate infrastructure to effectively host user-generated content (e.g. streaming)
  • Q2 2022: Publication of a daily metaverse newsletter, with line-ups of core contributors
  • Q3/Q4 2022: Build an interactive & engaging platform for content contribution and consumption

Roadmap | Each step leading to the next

Roadmap timeline
The development of this cohesive ecosystem is already underway, starting in 2021 with Path Ventures and Path Superguild. Our game partnerships and growing community of gamers will start to cascade from here into the launch of our Path Gaming Platform in Q1 2022. Subsequently, we will curate and amplify the insight from our investment analysis and content from our users through Path Media.
With exponentially more data points generated by a growing number of users engaging with our Gaming Platform, Fintech MVPs can be rolled out starting first with a micro-financing testbed.
As we progress further into 2022, each of these pillars will only grow in sophistication, as the PathDAO team continues to innovate and build out ways to strengthen the competitive edges in these respective niches. For example, Path Ventures will evolve from simple investments to actively-managed incubations; and Path SuperGuild will transform from simply issuing from scholarships to becoming an esports leader.

Ending thoughts

PathDAO’s biggest strength has always been, is, and will continue to be our amazing community — that’s you! The journey ahead in 2022 to realise our vision will not be an easy one, but we are well-equipped with the right resources, tools, and most importantly your constant support and contributions.
We heavily encourage all of our community members to get familiar with our 2022 roadmap, and to look out for more exciting announcements soon. Feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts on our Discord server and Telegram below. If you stumble upon anything you think might be helpful or a positive contribution to the PathDAO vision, please do not hesitate to reach out. 2022 is poised to be an amazing year for PathDAO — we look forward to building our community together.
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