The Karmaverse is an exciting new project developed and pioneered by the incredible folks over at Karma games. Made up of distinct but interconnected GameFi and SocialFi elements, Karmaverse is built on a foundation of blockchain technology to ensure interoperability between its unique worlds and experiences. Karmaverse will launch in sequence a number of in-house developed titles to kick-off their metaverse, with tools for players to use to create their own spaces and games within the Karmaverse platform to be launched later.
The team at Karma Studios have designed each title within Karmaverse to encompass a unique art style, background, narrative, music, and character and map design. Players — also known as Karmanauts — will take control of unique NFT avatars that are able to move freely between the different worlds of the Karmaverse. Karmanauts will be able to trade and sell these NFT avatars with one another, obtain cosmetics and other wearables to customise their Avatars, and even design their own unique virtual home to socialise and interact with friends from across the Karmaverse. When the call to adventure strikes, players will have a multitude of options of games from the various universes within the Karmaverse.
In Old West World, players will join the intrepid wagon trains with brave Westward Pioneers and Native Americans to discover a new life in the Wild West. Be careful of bandits, rustlers, outlaws, and all other manner of unsavoury folk — they want what you have, and aren’t afraid to draw steel and spray lead to take it for themselves. In the Fantasy universe, heroes and monsters of ancient myth and legend stride across the battlefield. Take control of these supremely powerful fantastical beings in a world filled with danger, magic, and wondrous excitement for those who are brave enough to venture within. Craft your own incredible legend with the help of plucky sidekicks and confront the forces of darkness!
In Civilizations, Karmanauts will be able to shepherd a society from humble beginnings to become a true global power. Develop your domain, recruit powerful champions from across history to lead your forces into battle, and earn your place amongst the greatest leaders in history! The Cyberpunk universe is set in a near-future where the lines between man and machine blur ever more with each passing moment. Dive into a gritty neon-noir world and fight against the growing power of faceless megacorps seeking to oppress a new generation of the masses.
In Space Exploration, Karmanauts will take to the stars in their own spaceships, cooperating or competing with fantastic new alien life as well as other human colonists in a race to expand across the void of space. In a universe filled with incredible unknown phenomena and discoveries waiting to be made, take control of your own destiny amongst the stars. In the Far East, explore hidden temples set harmoniously amongst serene nature, gaze upon great gorges and vistas, and experience the mystical and exotic world inspired by a fantastical vision of East Asia. Kung fu, magical katanas, and sacred pagodas abound in this classic adventure spanning East Asian myth and legends.
Coming soon to mobile devices will be the first release from Karma Games: Karmaverse Zombies; a free-to-play, play-to-earn social game where players will have to collect and train various hero NFTs of differing skills and rarities, level them up to improve their abilities, and fend off against a ravenous horde of zombies that have taken over the Earth. Players will need to develop their shelters to maintain a safehouse against the burgeoning hordes of the undead. After every battle, there is a small chance to capture a Zombie NFT to cure and turn them into a fighter to be added to your collection.
No matter which universes you choose to explore as a Karmanaut; all NFTs, tokens, and in-game items will be able to be socially traded, swapped, sold, lent, and staked on the KarmaDEX: a decentralised exchange platform for the Karmaverse. This single point-of-contact for all trading needs in all Karmaverse games will provide a time-saving, easy-to-use platform for all Karmanauts; increasing the potential for cross-title pollination and play. Karmanauts will be able to leverage in-game assets, NFTs, and tokens to make them generate passive value for them. Token holders will also eventually be able to vote on critical governance decisions such as land renting, transaction fees, profile ratings, and delegate voting; to name but a few — with a clear progressive path towards decentralisation via DAO, evolutionary governance is an exciting part of the growing ecosystem of Karmaverse. Continuous growth and up-featuring are the hallmarks of Karmaverse; not just with exciting new game titles but with new ways to organise and steer the growth of the whole Karmaverse. This conscious-growth approach aligns with PathDAO’s values, and we are incredibly excited to be able to announce our investment in the Karmaverse — we can’t wait to see what the team at Karma Studios have to announce!
“PathDAO is community-first DAO who share the same vision as we do in Karmaverse. We value our gaming community and aim to deliver the best experience, build a vibrant ecosystem in the gamefi metaverse and create value for investors and players,” said Scott Cheung, CEO of Karmaverse
“Interoperability of assets is a key technological breakthrough for Web3 gaming. Karmaverse is pushing on this front with an amazing series of games being built utilising the same NFT assets. Excited to see them leading the innovation in this scene,” said Jansen Teng, CEO PathDAO.
KARMAVERSE has raised over $8 Million in the seed and private funding rounds, led by A&T, YGG SEA and other top venture capitalists . It’s a much-anticipated gamefi platform on the market. The first game Karmaverse Zombie started a closed alpha test in Mid February, receiving excellent feedback among participants regarding rich gameplay experience, well-crafted art design, and more.
Recent actions of Karmaverse include IDOs on multiple launchpads, which will take place from late February. Another prominent part of the game — NFTs will be publicly offered with limited numbers in early March.
You can learn more about Karmaverse on their socials:
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