League of Kingdoms
PathDAO is excited to announce its partnership with League of Kingdoms, the first decentralized MMO strategy game on the blockchain. PathDAO has begun building its kingdom, having already acquired land and is currently developing it with the help of its army of scholars. In collaboration with League of Kingdoms, PathDAO aims to introduce the Play-to-Earn model to the masses, fusing exciting strategy gameplay with the opportunity to earn.
With DAU of about 25,000, League of Kingdoms promises to be a force to be reckoned with in the MMO gaming space.

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is a multiplayer online strategy game compatible with both mobile and PC. Players rule kingdoms and form alliances to become more powerful. Wealth is accumulated both actively and passively, through battles, gathering and land development.
With blockchain technology, gamers can BUILD, BATTLE, RULE, COMPETE & TRADE.


Gamers can build their kingdoms and armed troops to protect their citizens and fight the enemies.


Gamers can raise their troops, lords, and team up with other kingdoms to form alliances. The alliances will compete for the hegemony of the continent and the others continents thereafter.


Once a player takes over the congress, they will rule the world by cooperating with other kingdoms and even other continents.


There will be various events, contests, and competitions where a player can prove their power against other players, with lucrative rewards available for winners.


Players can enjoy free trade of their in-game assets.

PathDAO x League of Kingdoms

PathDAO is based in Southeast Asia — heart of global P2E activity — and is hence best-positioned to help uplift the lives of local communities through blockchain gaming adoption. PathDAO believes that League of Kingdoms is well-placed to become one of the leaders in MMO blockchain gaming and commits to provide both player liquidity and investments into the ecosystem.
For more information, join the League of Kingdoms community on the following channels:
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