Vulcan Forge
PathDAO marches into the Vulcan Forge ecosystem to increase the gaming opportunities for our scholars. Vulcan Forge is a P2E project where players play, build, collaborate, earn, and bring ideas to life with the fastest growing blockchain game and dApp platform. PathDAO is already having more than 100+ scholars in the Berserk game, and is acquiring land plots, $PYR tokens and card assets within the ecosystem.

What is Vulcan Forge?

Vulcan Forge is a NFT-gaming studio with a myriad of games, decentralized exchange, dApp incubator and massive community of gamers. NFTs purchased in one game can be utilised in other games, creating a massive utility for their NFT assets.
PathDAO is participating in two particular games in the Vulcan Forge Ecosystem:

1. Berserk

Berserk is a card-game based on the extremely popular game Hearthstone, that is completely free to start playing. Players play for $LAVA, where the rewards go live in December. Players can withdraw their earnings via the VulcanDex (more details to come).
XP can be used to upgrade stuff in game, and also used for other games in the Vulcan Forge ecosystem (more P2E opportunities in the future).
With the upcoming Cedalion Program, renting NFT cards to the scholars (for them to play in the higher leagues) is an option. Current rewards are — 3 LAVA per win at lowest league (does not requite additional NFT cards), 6 and 12 per win at mid and top leagues (where PathDAO will be renting cards to scholars who participate there).

2. VulcanVerse

VulcanVerse is a MMORPG game where players can battle, forage, and build on land in the VulcanVerse. It is one of the most anticipated game in the ecosystem to date.
Within the VulcanVerse, four separate quadrants exist with different backgrounds and architectures. In the middle is where Vulcan City stands — the capital of VulcanVerse. Many exciting features are being built in the game, including chances to get super rare NFT’s as players explore the VulcanVerse, that can be used to play in various games in the Vulcan Forge Ecosystem.
Owning Land also allow for staking rewards for the owners. With gameplay currently limited to land-owners, the planned release of play to more people in the future shows good potential for increase in land prices in the future.
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